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We help Client’s reduce their procurement costs significantly, increase turn around times of tenders and achieve great outcomes.

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The reality of the construction industry is that 99% of the contracts are either client written “hostile” contracts or highly amended standard contracts. The further down the chain you are, the more the risk is pushed onto you.

Unreasonable Terms

These contracts often times are asking you to sign up to unlimited liability, consequential damages, never ending rewarranty periods and extremely tight time bars (to name a few issues).

Even for smaller value contracts, signing up to the wrong terms can potentially be catastrophic for your business.  

Expensive Recruitment

The problem for Subcontractors is they cannot afford to pay the recruitment and salary costs for lawyers and contracts experts. 

This means that senior management has to spend considerable time doing the reviews themselves. 

With time constraints and lack of expertise this can lead to mistakes and omissions which can put your company at risk.

Become Contractually Savvy

We help construction subcontractors avoid contractual landmines, save money and upskill their workforce.

Believe it or not, Clients and Tier 1’s feel assured that you know what you are doing when you present a reasonable number of professionally worded departures to a contract. 



Our Proven Contracts Review Framework


We review the details of your terms & conditions, rates & preambles, tender instructions & all associated documents. 

We find the risks and present them in a way that is easy to understand, doesn’t require you to do more work and allows you take actionable commercial decisions to reduce you company’s contractual risk.


Quantum has the benefit of learning from reviewing thousands of contracts for all types of Subcontractors across all types of Constructions Sectors.

We know how to word departures so that they get accepted. We know what gets accepted and what doesn’t. We know how many is too many.

Video Reviews

We know that you are busy and the last thing you want to do if have to spend more time “reviewing” the review. 

That’s why we prepare a 5 – 10 minute video for every contract review. 

This allows you get up to speed on all the contractual landmines very quickly so you can spend more time on high value activities. 


Every month you (and whomever you want in your business) will be invited to a contractual lunch & learns. 

We cover an array of commercial topics to upskill your workforce so you become a contractually savvy company. 


You’re in good company.
At the end of the day, its all about results.
Check out some of our case studies below. 

Subcon Technologies -Pre-Award Services

Subcon provides expert solutions to the oil and gas industry for stabilisation, marine grouting and reefs.

Carrabay Rebar
Pre-Award Services

Carabbay have carried out high quality work on numerous civil infrastructure, solar, and wind farm projects, Australia wide.

Caledonia Group
Post-Award Services

Caledonia is a modern industrial services company serving the industrial, mining, energy, domestic and commercial construction sectors.


Cian Brennan at The Rita Panahi Show

Quantum Contract Solutions on Sky News: Tackling the Construction Industry’s Toughest Challenges

In a recent interview on Sky News, Cian Brennan, Founder and CEO of Quantum Contract Solutions, addressed critical issues currently facing the construction industry in Australia. From rising insolvencies to the impact of COVID-19 policies, Cian provided in-depth insights into what’s really happening behind the scenes.

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Just 3 Things To Avoid, and They Don’t Involve Carbs

Just 3 Things To Avoid, and They Don’t Involve Carbs

The list of risk factors is endless. 26% of insolvencies come from the construction industry. Across the globe construction has the highest insolvency rate. 

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quantum contract solutions

Can You Make It Past 10?

We’re not talking about staying up… Did you know that OVER 65% of construction companies never make it past the 10 year mark?

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Three’s not a Crowd, Three’s the Key

Three’s not a Crowd, Three’s the Key

The more keys you have, the more doors you can open.

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How Tyres Changed the Restaurant Industry

How Tyres Changed the Restaurant Industry

How does a tyre company sell more tyres? They get people to travel more…

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Major Legal Shake-Up: Australia Bans Unfair Contract Clauses

Major Legal Shake-Up: Australia Bans Unfair Contract Clauses

New Rules for Contracts: It’s not just about removing unfair terms anymore; it’s illegal to use them.

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Best New Tools in Our Construction Belts

Best New Tools in Our Construction Belts

I’m going to drone on about AI and drones… And by drone on, I mean give you a bird’s eye view.

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Remember the days when “if we didn’t fwd this email our world would end in tragedy?”

Remember the days when “if we didn’t fwd this email our world would end in tragedy?”

Thankfully, we’ve moved on from that brand of doomsday spam, but it got me thinking about something that I’m faced with a lot.

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Avoid Being Bullied So You Save Money

Avoid Being Bullied So You Save Money

A lot of people give in to bullies just to avoid conflict. The problem is, that this means you’re usually caving on something important.

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