How Tyres Changed the Restaurant Industry

How does a tyre company sell more tyres? They get people to travel more…
How Tyres Changed the Restaurant Industry

When it comes to cornerstone content, it takes a lot to beat the Michelin Restaurant Guide.

Not only did Michelin sell more tyres, but they also changed the restaurant scene and the face of dining across the globe.

According to Allan Dib, if you do it right, Cornerstone Content can actually become an ASSET. And if you really nail it, you can even add it to the valuation of your company.

What is Cornerstone Content? Cornerstone Content can be a range of things…

  • Experience
  • Tool
  • Guide
  • Catalogue
  • Book
  • Canvas/Scaffold

It’s something that you become famous for producing.

You should develop this content around THE THING THAT YOU’RE GOING TO BE FAMOUS FOR. You want to create things that generate goodwill and excitement in your community and target market.

It creates brand equity and generates leads.

Cornerstone content also makes you seem like an expert.

It should be:

  • Helpful
  • Highlight uniqueness
  • A tool to build trust
  • A tool to build goodwill
  • A tool to situate you as the expert

Goodwill translates into CASH. Cornerstone Content also doesn’t have to be FREE.

We want you to be the MOST SUCCESSFUL you can possibly be. That’s why we put together content with tips and advice that is tried and tested. 

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