We prefer to keep it real. We also recognize that it’s all about what can we do for you and how we can serve you to achieve your business goals.

On many “About Us” pages you’ll find the usual “professional” sounding jargon about “values”, “our mission”, “our vision”, “best of breed of services” and many other superficial buzzwords. Next queue the stock photos of people in suits high fiving each other.

We prefer to keep it real. We also recognize that it’s about YOU – not us. It’s all about what we can do for you and how we can serve you to achieve your project goals.

Of course, we do have values we are proud of, a mission that drives us and an exciting vision, but we’d much rather you personally experience these than have them preached to you from boring “About Us” page.

It means so much more when someone walks the walk rather than just talking the talk. So here’s the deal. Whether you’re already an established contractor/subcontractor or you’re a newcomer to the industry, you need to be contractually savvy contractor to be successful over the long term.

The biggest construction companies have armies of contracts people because they understand “the returns are in the terms” and “the margin is in the managing of the contract”.


We could write a long sales page to try and convince you why you should work with Quantum, but we decided to let our client’s results do the talking instead.


Some people look at businesses as money-grabbing, faceless organisations whose sole goal is to make a profit, happy to fire people at will, and constantly breaking the law but actually, business can and are used for good.





~3000 Construction Companies go out of business every year in Australia and this figure is likely to be much higher in the years to come when the impact of COVID is actually felt.

The primary reason for this is the Contractual Hierarchy. The Principal (Government, Developers, Oil & Gas Companies, etc) Contract to a Tier 1 Contractor. There will be lawyers on both sides of this agreement and risks are known. 
The Tier 1 Contractor will then Subcontract most if not all of this work out to Tier 2’s (scaffolders, civil companies, etc). These Contracts will be more hostile than the one they signed with the Principal (to cover themselves). 
Unfortunately, the Tier 2’s don’t have and can’t afford the expertise which results in them signing contracts without fully understanding the risks. 
Quantum Contract Solutions provides an innovative solution to provide this expertise for a fraction of the cost helping construction companies stay in business.


Working remotely with flexible working hours is the way of the future.

These types of business open up a new talent pool of resources, creating happier employees and provides opportunities for a better life for people in remote areas.

Every time QCS completes a “Contract Review” for its clients, it purchases 1 day of digital training for Indigenous communities.

As part of its Operations meetings on a weekly basis, the team talks about “how many days of training we have contributed to” rather than just numbers. We find that it gives everyone a sense that what they are doing is making a real difference in the world.


Our company is 80% female. There was no quota, no initiative – Just a better solution. Being a fully digital company with flexi-working hours meant that the BEST people turned out to be Women. Full stop, end of story.

QCS also implemented a policy of “equal mandatory child leave” for men and women meaning there is no archaic “you need to factor in maternity leave when hiring a woman” nonsense. It’s a fair playing field now and only the best people get the job regardless of gender.

Every time our company produces a Variation or Extension of Time for its clients, it purchases 1 day of Leadership Training for Emerging Female Leaders in SEA.

Cian Brennan

CEO - Quantum

Cian is the founder of Quantum Contract Solutions and the creator of the Quantum Contract Advantage Framework. 

The “Contract Advantage” framework is famous for being able to turn Construction Contractors from being contractually vulnerable, losing money on projects, and appearing amateur to clients to being professional, contractually savvy, and making more profit on their projects. 

The Quantum Contract Advantage Strategy has been used successfully by scaffolders, civil companies, M&E companies, formwork companies, excavating companies & piping companies (to name only a few) who are wanting to up their game contractually and to stop leaving money on the table.
If you are interested in seeing how we have helped Construction Subcontractors across Australia to protect their company contractually,  make more profit on their projects, and eliminate disputes we have FREE training to help. 


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