Avoid Being Bullied So You Save Money

A lot of people give in to bullies just to avoid conflict. The problem is, that this means you’re usually caving on something important.
Avoid Being Bullied So You Save Money

Being bullied often means you’ll lose money.


I actually know quite a lot about bullying on-site because I used to work on the other side… The “Dark Side” as it were.

The key to being successful and having a good relationship is to help the guy on the other side look good. That’s why you want to make his job easier by getting in all of your paperwork.

The reality is that contracts are a game, and there’s always going to be give and take.

Sometimes you’ll overclaim, and sometimes you’ll underclaim… The lesson is to show that you’re doing everything to the letter and fulfilling all of your contractual obligations.

Where things get difficult is when someone comes along and says, “NO. You shouldn’t be claiming for this.” And then they dig their heels in.

Because they’re in a position of power, they often use this tactic to avoid payment.

So here’s what to do to avoid being bullied…

  • Keep a well-organised body of evidence from the start of the project right until the end.
  • STAY CONTRACTUAL and keep on top of your paperwork and claims.

AND REMEMBER “The only way you can get revenge is by being successful.”

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