Don’t Trust the Claims, Trust the Facts

Unless you really know someone, it’s really hard to trust them without proof. 
Don’t Trust the Claims, Trust the Facts

This applies to the business you run.  

How can you expect potential clients or customers to trust you straight off the bat?

Today’s video is This is How You Build Trust in Your Construction Business with Alan Dib. You can watch it here or continue with this quick read. 

How many weight-loss programs have you seen claiming to be easy and effective? 

And then you try them and they’re a waste of money. 

And that’s when you realise that the weight-loss plan that’s guaranteed is healthy eating and exercise. Because there’s proof that this ACTUALLY works.

A lot of businesses make a lot of sexy claims. 

But where’s the proof?

  • We’re the fastest
  • We’re the best
  • We’re the cleanest
  • We’re the whateverest…

If you make a claim, ALWAYS ASK YOURSELF… 


  • Use the data and facts that you’ve collected. I.e. “99% of our tickets are resolved in less than 48hrs.” “We deliver 98% of our orders within 24hrs.” 
  • Use customer reviews and testimonials. 


This is when a business has AWESOME client reviews and testimonials… but then you look at their website and it is absolutely terrible. 

What does this say about that business?

When your own content doesn’t match what clients are saying, this is a problem. You’re selling yourself short. 

How Do You Get Reviews Without Hassling People?

Most people make the mistake of doing an awesome job and expecting someone to give a review afterwards. 

  • Try to make it an expectation upfront. Prepare them for the fact that you want them to review you. 
  • Ask them to share their genuine experience with working with you. 
  • Establish how important reviews and referrals are
  • Make it part of the communication system that you have in place. I.e. don’t make it something haphazard. 
  • Give them a framework to make it easier for them to write the review. Have a few prompts or use a questionnaire. 
  • Also why not frame it as FEEDBACK instead of “write a review” or “do a video testimonial”… This reframe makes it less intimidating. 

We want you to be the MOST SUCCESSFUL you can possibly be. That’s why we put together content with tips and advice that is tried and tested. 

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