Working Smarter for that Promotion

Getting promoted isn’t just about doing the work and hoping that you’re going to get noticed.
Working Smarter for that Promotion

You need to work SMART to get promoted.

If you’re a Project Manager or someone responsible for promotions, this video will show you what makes a Project Manager worthy of that all-important promotion.

Good Project Managers and Engineers are typically amazing at getting things done.

They’re also amazing at organising people.

Organising things.

Lining things up.

Solving problems.

You get the picture.

On the other side, you get the financial people… The bean counters. I’m a bean counter, and I’m absolutely OK with that. However, we should never just look at the world in binaries. So, even though there are two parts to construction, doesn’t mean that they should be clear-cut.

What are the two parts?

Doing an Amazing job.

Running an Amazing business.

Most novice construction companies just focus on doing an amazing job… and this is where they run into trouble.

If you don’t focus on the contract you lose money. Most people forget the business side… It’s not just about construction, it’s about getting paid as much as possible for the job.


So what can Project Managers learn?

Project managers have a big job description. They are the guys who “do everything”. However, often they just focus on what’s going on on-site. But there’s more to it than that.

  • You have to be the type of person who delivers on-site.
  • Deliver everything from a construction point-of-view.

You have to deliver contractually and commercially. ​ ​The bottom line is no matter how amazing the job is, it’s worthless if you don’t get paid for it.

If you are a Project Manager who can deliver on-site and deliver commercially and contractually then you will be noticed. I suggest always focusing more on the money side. Because people who bring in money are noticed. You need to show that you are VALUABLE.

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