The Price of Marketing

Marketing is how you differentiate yourself so that you don’t need to rely on price. In competitive industries, there’s usually someone who is prepared to go out of business faster than you.
The Price of Marketing

“A customer won on price will be lost on price.”

Redefining Construction Marketing: Amplify, Differentiate, and Deliver with Consistency

Today’s video is the first half of Allan Dib Reveals How To Create A 1-Page Marketing Plan. You can watch it here​ or continue with this quick read.

People will undercut you at any opportunity to get a customer or make a sale.

Sometimes, when you win, you actually lose. You need the client to perceive you as different or be legitimately different.

How do you go about being different?​ ​A lot of the time it’s doing the common thing uncommonly well. ​

What are things that will build value?

  • Can you reduce the time or effort that it takes to deliver?
  • Can you turn a quote around really quickly?

​So, you’re looking at

  • TIME
  • RISK

What is Marketing?

Marketing is getting your ideal customer or prospect to know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you.

It’s also about AMPLIFICATION. How do you amplify your message?

​A lot of businesses amplify a bad message. A lot of the time messaging doesn’t differentiate. The message might be self-indulgent. Usually, the message is pretty boring and parochial.

You need to focus on creating a message that resonates with your target market.

Avoid being generic.

Marketing is not a one-time thing.

You have to stick with it.

This doesn’t mean it should take up all of your time. It means you need to address HIGH IMPACT MARKETING.

​If you’re not going to get to your daily, weekly, and monthly marketing processes, then you need to hire someone to do the job because marketing needs to be regular.


​How do you shift your marketing from being me-focused?

Client testimonials and reviews. Proof is powerful. If you make claims… back them up with proof by giving facts and stats. What other people say about you is what matters.

Make sure your website and social media presence matches your reviews and testimonials.

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