Another Type of Engineering in Construction

Social engineering is an invaluable tool for construction projects.
Another Type of Engineering in Construction

One of my top tips is to use your client’s reputation to your advantage.

Today’s video is “Do THIS To The General Contractor To Make More Money.” You can watch it here​ or continue with this quick read.

Have you ever been on a project where your opposing PM is terrible?

This really affects how the job goes and ultimately affects your own profitability.

  • Maybe he’s just useless
  • Maybe he’s bad with documents
  • Maybe he runs behind with everything
  • Maybe he’s arrogant
  • Maybe they undermine you and don’t see you as a professional

The thing is people who are bad at their job always try to cover it up or push the blame.

You have to learn how to manage these people [read egos].


  • Try to build a relationship from the start
  • Build the reputation of their company
  • Build the reputation of the PM

How do you do this?

At the kick-off meeting, you want to use language like…

You are the type of company that… [insert something nice]

You are the type of person who… [insert something nice]

Use this type of phrasing at the kick-off meeting to set the tone and start building a relationship of similarity.

You basically assume what their reputation is and tell it to them. They will like this and go with it.

They’ll be encouraged to stick with the reputation you’ve given them.

So they’ll pay on time.

They’ll work toward efficiency.

And so on.

Over time keep echoing what you said in the kick-off meeting.

You’re setting the stage for the type of behaviour you want to encourage and promote and this will help to create a fantastic relationship.

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