The Business of Redundancy

What does the business look like in the future?
The Business of Redundancy

What does the business look like in the future?

AI is a hot topic at the moment. ​

Recently I was interviewed by Casey Grey from the Conscious Builder Show. In part two of the interview we chatted about AI in construction. You can ​watch here​ or continue with this quick read.

What does the business look like in the future? ​ ​

I’m excited and apprehensive about AI.

AI is a little bit scary, and if you run through the scenario as if it’s a Hollywood movie, it’s hard not to experience a sense of doom and gloom.

While I’m apprehensive about the long-term effects of AI, I’m excited for the short to medium-term. ​

If we take it back to construction…

There was a time when there were just trucks. Then there was a moment when they said we’re going to get driverless trucks. That time has come.

My opinion is that we can either go on the journey or stay behind.

That’s why we’re trying to integrate AI into our company… ETHICALLY. We want to:

  • increase output
  • deliver better outcomes
  • Improve the UX of our clients

I’ve challenged my team to use AI as much as possible.

I was asked if I see AI influencing or affecting contract work.

Yes and no. I think the bottom line is that experts are always going to be needed… but we’re all going to need to constantly up our games and focus on specialisation. ​

White-collar jobs are more at risk at the moment than blue-collar jobs.

​ This is what’s causing everyone to lose their minds a bit. But again we need to encourage specialisation and doing “your thing” really really well. ​

The benefit is that efficiency and productivity will be encouraged.

No one wants to be made redundant.

And no one wants to fail.

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