Holding On and Letting Go

According to some motivational poster I saw somewhere, balance is about knowing when to hold on, and when to let go.
Holding On and Letting Go

If you’re a control freak who loves your job and hates delegating… this is easier said than done.

Recently I was interviewed by Casey Grey from The Conscious Builder Show. Here’s part two where we discuss some of the challenges of doing business in 2023. You can watch here​ or continue with this quick read. ​

Life after Covid is much the same, but it’s also very different.

We went from social distancing, isolation, sanitising all the time, and wearing face masks, to going back to life as it was before.

We seldom wear face masks… and if you have a sniffle no one assumes it’s Covid.

But a lot has changed, especially in business.

For me, working from home has been a big takeaway. I’ve learned that a lot of unnecessary money is spent on fancy offices. ​

One of the weirdest things about Covid is pondering where all the skilled labour went.

It’s like one minute we had ample construction workers, and the next they disappeared.

The challenges that I’m facing today are…

  • Hiring skilled people
  • Salary expectations
  • Scaling across multiple countries​ ​

But also finding a routine between my work and family.

Balance is everything.

The joy of working from home is that I don’t have to commute.

One of the problems is to navigate how I structure my time. ​

I structure my day in two parts… where I have time for work and family. Scheduling your time is important, and being disciplined is key.

You also have to communicate so that everyone’s expectations are managed.

The trouble with growth, and I mean business growth, is it does mean there are periods where you have to sacrifice and work harder than you’d like.

But you also have to know when to chill out and to take a break before you burn out. ​ ​

You will have days when you say: “Today is one of those days.”

Don’t worry, they happen to all of us! ​

Learning to delegate and pass things on is important. But it’s also really hard, particularly when you love the aspects of the job that you’re trying to pass on. ​

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