How Good Is Your Contract Management Software?

And if you don’t have it, are you considering it?
How Good Is Your Contract Management Software?

Today’s video is about Why Contract Management Software Is Costing You, ​click here​ or continue with this quick read.

Have you spent money on contract management software?

Are you considering it?

Are you finding it very expensive?

Let’s go through it!

Years ago I worked with a client who was implementing a software called Prokon.

This was designed to make sure the contract administrators and managers that were client-side followed the same process.

The software made sure that you followed every step to the letter.

The idea was to do the right thing in the right way.

I was pedantic about working out a very thorough step-by-step process.

After a year of working with the IT guys, we launched it.

I then began using this software and I found that it was creating a lot of work.

It did nothing to speed up the process.

From a compliance point of view, it helped. But it was making things more complex.

This was a big lesson in terms of why User Experience is SO IMPORTANT.

Now, years later, every time I look at contract management software I look at whether or not they can live up to their promise, and whether or not it’s worth the money.

Here’s What I Think…

  1. A lot of the time software is put together by IT people and UX isn’t prioritised enough.
  2. A lot of the time you spend a lot of money on implementing a great system into your business but it almost never gets used properly and therefore doesn’t benefit the company.

Here Are Some Other Ways To Maximise Efficiency…

  1. Are you doing the right things anyway? Sometimes simple systems work better. As long as you can keep track of all of your contract admin then you are good to go.
  2. Hire an expert to work on every contract.

It’s a BIG EXPENSE so think twice before you invest.

If you can do the work by using spreadsheets and other basic tools then do that.


If you can’t, then hire someone who can.

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