Emails Get Reactions, Phone Calls Start Conversations…

There are some stories and phone calls that you will never forget!
Emails Get Reactions, Phone Calls Start Conversations…

I had a crazy sales call with a billion-dollar company. Today’s video is My Experience Closing a Deal with a $100M Chinese Subcontractor,  watch it by clicking here  or continue with this quick read.

I had a crazy phone call with a huge company. It was a Chinese company that supplies facades for skyscrapers and they have 20-30 contracts across the globe at any given time.

Each of these contracts is about 25 or 30 million dollars. When I started doing the maths, steam started coming out of my ears.

This company should be coining it, right?

When we started talking about the contracts it became clear that they weren’t contractual.

They said they didn’t want to be contractual, they just wanted to maintain good relationships.

This business model meant that they were losing a huge amount of money because they were just signing the contracts that were given by the clients and not submitting notices.

I told them straight…

“Regardless of if you decide to go with Quantum or not, you 100% HAVE TO employ people contractually.

If you look at any successful big company they have

  • A lawyer
  • A contracts person
  • A contracts administrator
  • A quantity surveyor

You will have a group of people like this on EVERY SINGLE PROJECT TEAM.

The reason that successful companies do this is because there’s a RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

You have to understand that there’s always a game of contracts being played at all times.

If you don’t play the game you won’t get paid.

That’s why you need the right team because there is a reason that the biggest and best companies have contracts people.

It’s not a happy accident.

Making money is about being contractually astute.

You need to ask yourself…

“How can I get a system that makes sure I get all my documents contractually so that I’m protected contractually if anything happens?”


“How do I stop doing work for free?”

We want you to be the MOST SUCCESSFUL you can possibly be. That’s why we put together content with tips and advice that is tried and tested.

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