Why You Don’t Order Fish at a Steak Restaurant

You’ll have heard people saying, “The problem is they tried to do too much.”
Why You Don’t Order Fish at a Steak Restaurant

Have you ever ordered fish at a steak restaurant? If you have, you’re braver than me.

Today’s video is about Focusing on What You’re Good At. You can watch the video by clicking here or continue with this quick read.

As a company, we’ve done over 2500 contract reviews.

We are experts in knowing what companies succeed and which fail.

We know about market trends and we are on the coal face.

One of the things that we see all the time from the biggest clients is that they all ONLY DO ONE THING.

They focus on a single product or a single service.

They don’t do Add-ons.

They don’t do Linked Services.

They’re like a good restaurant… they don’t have too much stuff on the menu.

The reason why focusing on one specific thing works is that:


If you do one thing and scale up, it comes with natural complexity.

You need to hire more people and take control of a bigger enterprise.

However, scaling up one thing is more natural.

You have a greater sense of the feedback loop.

It’s easier to manage because you know the industry well.

Being good at one thing also ensures a good reputation.

With a good reputation comes being able to charge more money.

People always buy based on reputation.

Because when you know you’re going to get a good job done and get what you want you will pay the money.

End of Story.

When you add new things to the business you add complexity.

And with complexity comes?


Focus on what you’re good at and mine your own patch of diamonds.

The more variation you add to your business, the more variation you have to fail.

Focus on cooking steak perfectly… so to speak.

We want you to be the MOST SUCCESSFUL you can possibly be. That’s why we put together content with tips and advice that is tried and tested.

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