Teaching a Young Dog New Tricks

How can I be more valuable to my company?
Teaching a Young Dog New Tricks

Value is something people take very seriously. 

If you’re a construction or contract manager, watch the video below to learn how to be the best at your job, or continue with this quick read. 

If you’re a manager who deals with construction or contracts there are generally two crucial aspects to the role. 

  1. Deliver on site
  2. Deliver contractually

Most often, managers focus on delivering on site. They want to do the best job, so they ensure the project runs smoothly and on schedule. 

Nothing wrong with this. 


Delivering contractually is where you will ultimately succeed or fail. 

Delivering on site is valuable. 

Delivering contractually is actually more valuable. 

Here’s Why…

If you deliver on site you get a good reputation which means repeat or referred work. 


If you aren’t contractual you could lose everything. 

Here’s How…

There were two electrical contractors.

They had exactly the same scope of work.

Number One, the Old Dogs, were established and really good at delivering on site, but they were also very focused on commercial delivery. 

Number Two, the Puppies, were newcomers who were enthusiastic like puppies. 

They just wanted to do an amazing job. 

Who did better?

The Old Dogs, because although the Puppies did an amazing job and got additional work, they didn’t know how to handle this work and stick to the scope of the original contract. 

It looked like they were late, and they didn’t submit variations. 

The Old Dogs didn’t do as good a job, but they fulfilled ALL contractual obligations.

The Lesson? 

Do a GOOD job

BUT MANAGE the Commercial Aspect. 

If you’re a project manager, or manage contracts, make sure you deliver onsite and contractually.

You also want to 

  • Negotiate a good contract up front 
  • Stick to the contract 
  • Submit change orders and variations
  • Submit time changes
  • Be on top of paperwork
  • Create good systems 

REMEMBER: Always negotiate. 

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