Out With The Old

I’m not being ageist. But we really need to talk about how being stuck in the old way of doing things is costing us money.
Out With The Old

In the old days every Tom, Dick, and Harry was expected to “keep up with the Joneses” and “to be a Jack of all trades”. OK sure, there was the risk of not being able to “master all the trades” we put our hands to, but by and large, having a cornucopia of talents was commended.

The trouble is we’re now in the age of specialisation.

Gone are the days when your receptionist Charlotte could masquerade as a graphic designer because she’d learned a few tools of the trade on Microsoft Paint.

In other news, hire a graphic designer. Charlotte’s skills are needed elsewhere.

Focusing on too many things is the death of specialisation.

We need to work smarter.

Upskill properly. And avoid this desire to be busy at the cost of productivity.

Getting the job done means getting it done.

In much the same way as buffet-style dining has been eclipsed by sexier seven-course tasting menus, so too has the idea of “more means more”.

It’s time to accept that roast gammon, boeuf bourguignon, rice, roast potatoes, and lasagne don’t belong on the same plate. We can’t be everything, no matter what our parents tell us.

This is where we need to accept that Marie Kondo might be onto something.

We need to simplify.


In this video, I discuss:

  • Hiring niche businesses that can deliver specific services
  • Saving money by outsourcing to highly skilled businesses
  • Accepting that delegating to the right people isn’t defeatist
  • Gaining control by handing over control to industry experts

At Quantum we don’t worry about financial management because we’ve released the reins. It sounds bonkers, but we realised we had to practice what we preach.

Trust that everything will be taken care of. And if things are transparent this shouldn’t be scary or something you avoid.

We are experts at contracts. So change the way things have “always been done” by clicking this link: https://quantumcs.co/guaranteeemail

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