You Can’t Trust a Rocket Scientist with Brain Surgery

This isn’t rocket science. Which is just as well because none of us are actually rocket scientists.
You Can’t Trust a Rocket Scientist with Brain Surgery

But seriously, how often have you gone into a doctor’s waiting room and heard someone with a medical degree from Google, giving a doctor a hard time?

Or someone telling a chef there’s too much rocket in their salad?

The customer is always right?


The customer should always be looked after.

Why we have experts

Experts are great because they mean we don’t have to pile on the pressure of “doing it all”. No one, not even the best magazine-worthy fifties housewife, should have to “do it all”.

Because trying to do it all means

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Procrastination

We’re a team of industry experts and a managed service for construction contract reviews, contract administration, and dispute management.

But what does this actually mean?


  • We secure contractual confidence
  • We protect project margins
  • We reduce company overheads
  • We help you to make and keep more profit


  • We save you money

It shouldn’t be rocket science. Just the right decision to make sure that the customer is ALWAYS looked after.

We have a myriad of customers who have been looked after and who can vouch for the fact that we shift unnecessary risk. Check out the testimonial from West Coast Civil below:

Get the Contracts System That Construction Company CEO's, MD's & GM's Have Been Talking About

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