Stay In Your Lane

You’re driving along, and the next thing another driver pulls in front of you – cuts you off.
Stay In Your Lane

Maybe you’re walking on a pavement and a teenager rushes past you on a skateboard, the tiny wheels inches from your ankles.

Perhaps it’s the local swimming pool where you’re happily living your fantasy of being an Olympic champion… And then, “BAM!” You collide with someone who doesn’t observe lane etiquette.

Sometimes it’s mild frustration, other times it’s sheer panic. It depends on the severity of the situation.

The truth is, no one wants panic.

And even if we avoid panic, it stays with us. We recognise the close call, and then settle back down. Our hearts fall back into their natural BPM.

Danger has been mitigated.

But the “what ifs” and close calls linger. Everyday life is a series of close calls and what ifs.

So why don’t we take them as seriously as we should?

What if we took our what ifs more seriously?

In this video, I talk about outsourcing and why we should stop being foolhardy about getting the right people to do the right job.

Anxiety is about the unknown. The metaphorical cars and skateboards that cut us off… We have to be resilient to deal with these things. This is why I came to the decision to outsource my financial systems and processes, despite feeling a bit anxious about “losing control” and spending money.

No one likes admin, and no one likes spending money on admin. BUT if you spend the right money on the right things… you SAVE money.

We need to trust experts to do the work that would otherwise take up our valuable time, energy, and effort.

Stop doing things that eat into using time more efficiently.

It’s not admitting defeat to ask for help from experts.

  • Do what you do.
  • Stay in your lane.
  • Concentrate on being awesome at your scope and trade.

To learn more about spending your time on the value creation of what you can do to help your market:

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