Gold Stars aren’t a Cash Prize

There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in your work and doing a great job. 
Gold Stars aren’t a Cash Prize

Getting a gold star. 

And it’s not just kids who love gold stars and merit badges. 

It feels great to excel. 

Does hard work always pay off?

This video tells the story of two contractors, and the difference between success and failure. 

Two electrical contractors working on the same project, the same scope of work, but on different sections. 

  • Contractor one was experienced and contractually savvy. 
  • Contractor two was new to this scale of work. Their goal was excellence above all else. 

Guess who succeeded?

It’s tempting to think that contractor two was the winner because they wanted to be the best. 


Although contractor one did the job fine. They came out tops because they completed the work without any hurdles. 
And sure, contractor two did an amazing job. 
They failed contractually. 

They were hit with contractual challenges so they nearly went bust. 

What’s the moral?

We’ve all heard of the saying, “work smarter not harder”. This is particularly true in this industry. 

Doing a great job doesn’t always cut it. 

Delivering on contracts is the crux. 

Because in the end, reputation means nothing without cash flow

This area often slips through the cracks because it requires administration 

Luckily we’re here to help you with the administration so you can focus on getting the job done well, while building a solid reputation. 

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