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Dispute Management

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Dispute Management

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Dispute Management


Client's Requirements

  • Following a significant delay in the progress of works, the Contractor and Employer entered in to a dispute arising out of the appropriate valuation method of varied works. The Contractor referred the dispute to adjudication. We were appointed by the Employer to provide Expert Witness opinion on the matters in dispute.
  • Following the conclusion of the adjudication, the Employer retained our services to provide ongoing ‘Contract Assurance’ services to support the correct valuation of the final account. 

Result and Contribution

  • Quantum provided the Expert whose opinion was required, and a support team to assist with analysis. The output provided was in the form of an extensive expert report including detailed analysis and opinion on the valuation of complex varied works.
  • Our expertise allowed us to provide reliable opinion on contractual valuation and measurement principles to complex works and made these dear and easy for the third party to understand.
  • Our client was extremely pleased with our output and retained our services to provide ongoing advice and support throughout the remaining valuations of the final account.

Making the difference

In a very short timescale, we were able to mobilize an experienced and specialist team whom were able to understand large volumes of information, perform detailed analysis and draft an extensive report, which resulted in a successful award for our client.

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