How’s It Going To End?

In the film the Truman Show, the audience is taken on a reality journey with no end in sight.
How’s It Going To End?

While this is great for narrative work, it’s not great when you’re working on a construction site.

Today’s video explains why it’s important to start each project as you mean to go on. You can check it out here or continue with this quick read.

In construction, it’s absolutely vital to submit every single notice, and you should do this as soon as possible.

If you submit your first notice as soon as it’s called for, your client will think that you’re an absolute pro who knows exactly what you’re doing.

Any notices that follow will be received with the same attitude.

By doing this you’re determining how the project will play out…

because you’re starting with the end in mind.

However, if you don’t submit notices until much further down the line then your client will think you’re unprofessional and not up to scratch with your admin.

They’ll also see it as an aggressive act and think that you’re gearing up for a claim.

If you want a Happily Ever After, here’s what to do…

  2. SEND THEM FROM AN EMAIL ADDRESS SUCH AS  [email protected] 

Having a generic email address means that communication around contract clauses is impersonal.

However, by doing this you are:

  1. Covering your Risks
  2. Getting Paid for Work Done
  3. Creating a Paper Trail if there is a Dispute

By implementing this model you will




More money also means you can hire better people, get better equipment, you can deliver a better job.

Let getting into a virtuous cycle be your goal for 2023.

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