Not All Hacks Are Created Equal

You might have seen those Internet hacks promising to solve problems…
Not All Hacks Are Created Equal

There’s one where you tip your toaster on its side and it turns into a grill, perfect for a grilled cheese sandwich.


Today, there’s a hack that ACTUALLY works. ​

Watch this video on a  Construction Contract Management Hack that is genuine, solid, and good advice, or give this a quick read. ​

There are MANY ways to ruin relationships. ​

In construction, the best way to do this is by starting a project being non-contractual.

What does this mean?

Well… it means you focus on just being amiable and ignoring what’s in the contract. ​

You follow the steps in this WHAT NOT TO DO LIST:​ ​

  • You don’t submit documentation
  • You ignore the niggles that every project is bound to experience
  • You address conflict by just talking about it
  • You don’t make any complaints or issues formal

And then, in the fourth quarter, you drop the bomb!

Suddenly, you get contractual.

What happens now?

The relationship absolutely breaks down.

This is the worst way to do things… and it’s the most common way.


The BEST thing you can do is BE CONTRACTUAL FROM THE START. DON’T IGNORE the contract.

The contract should be your guide, and you should use it to help you address and avoid conflict and disputes.

If you feel awkward doing this, here’s a hack… ​ ​

Avoid using your personal name and use your business name instead. Send the email to the central office and cc the project manager. This helps to protect the relationship by making the official contractual stuff formal and impersonal.

​ ​P.S. If you want help to sign low-risk contracts and have better project cash flow, then simply hit reply and let me know.

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