No Is a Complete Sentence

There are so many reasons we say “yes” to things.
No Is a Complete Sentence

For a while, trending Internet acronyms highlighted the Fear Of Missing Out – emphasizing that You Only Live Once. Social media made us navigate a world with FOMO and YOLO as hashtags to live by.

Yes has been indoctrinated into so many of us, and many of us experience the anxiety of saying no.

How often do you want to say no, but end up saying yes?

And, how often do you say no, and then load it with numerous reasons why it’s a no?

In this short clip, I talk about the importance of saying no, click here if you want to check it out.​

But if you want to say “yes” to reading then carry on:

One of the most important lessons I learned as a CEO, is that it’s my job to say no.

When we say yes we commit to things – some of these commitments are fruitful, and some of them are time wasters.

Simple Rules:

  • Say yes to things that are profitable and make business better.
  • Say no to things that sap up your time.
  • Free up space to work on important tasks.
  • Delegate tasks that someone else can do.
  • It’s OK to turn down jobs especially if there are market risks

Now is not a terrible time to be saying no to things.

And remember that “no is a complete sentence”, don’t fall into the trap of obligation and guilt.

It’s also worth commenting that at the moment clients are reactive. This means they’re more likely to create hostile contracts.

If you find yourself in a position where you can’t say no to clients, this is where Quantum comes in.


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