I Left My Wallet At Home

There’s always that one person who tries to get out of paying their portion of a bill or tries to underpay.
I Left My Wallet At Home

It’s frustrating and leads to huge resentment – not to mention a substantially thinner wallet.

So it’s easy to imagine how this feels on a larger scale.

In this video, our COO Barbara Hilgers discusses construction costs and who is responsible for footing the bill when costs increase.

Costs are rising across every industry, and you will know how this is affecting your own business.

How do you react when you have material price hikes?
How do you begin preparing a quote for a tender when you aren’t certain of how much materials will end up costing?

Of course, you can add a percentage to the materials as a safeguard. However, this is tricky when you’re trying to remain competitive. You don’t want to run the risk of overinflating projected costs too much and losing the deal.

As always it comes down to the contract.

You need to ensure that there’s a provision in the contract for rising costs and price hikes.

This may seem like a complicated thing to unravel, but luckily we’re here to navigate all of your contracts and subcontracts. We know all of the factors to consider when creating a contract.

Plus we guarantee:

  • Reducing your risk by a factor of ten
  • Ensuring more profit
  • Having better cash flow

We’re here to provide you with our expertise in the small and large print of contracts, allowing you to sign less risky contracts.


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