How Not To Become a Statistic

We read statistics every day. Bad things happen often. Yet, our knee-jerk reaction is that we’re exempt from hardship, and: ‘It’ll never happen to me.’​
How Not To Become a Statistic

The hard truth is that construction has the highest rate of insolvency in Australia. ​

We DON’T want you to become part of this statistic.

Easier said than done?

Well, watch this video to find out:


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Communication is everything when it comes to project work.

A project runs smoothly when subcontractors and contractors work together.

But verbal agreements, letters of intent, and purchase orders are not good enough to ensure this.

Contracts and subcontracts are the only way to protect both parties.

Problems occur when disputes around milestones arise.

Work not being on time, work not being done according to spec, and so on.

Contracts and subcontracts are how to resolve these disputes.

When contracts are vague and basic there are big risks. Not to mention precious time is wasted trying to resolve disputes. This is why subcontracts need to be thorough and milestones need to be very clear.

This may sound like more work, but that’s why we’re here.

We know all of the factors to consider when creating a contract.

Plus we guarantee:

Reducing your risk by a factor of ten
Ensuring more profit
Having better cash flow

We’re here to provide you with our expertise in the small and large print of contracts, allowing you to sign less risky contracts.


Get the Contracts System That Construction Company CEO's, MD's & GM's Have Been Talking About

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