Isn’t It About Time You Updated Your Facebook Status?

Facebook often asks us, “what’s on your mind”? And isn’t it amazing how so many of us jump to attention and start typing away our thoughts?
Isn’t It About Time You Updated Your Facebook Status?

How is it that social media often gets more of our attention than variations in assessment periods?

You may be thinking,

“That’s a weird segue?!”

But stick with me.

In Australia, the highest rate of insolvencies comes from the construction sector. There are many factors at play.

Cash flow is a major factor.

Check out this video below where the COO at Quantum, Barbara Hilgers explains the importance of protecting and maintaining cash flow by being on top of variations assessment periods.

Or read on for the quick capsule review.

Time frames are important. Crucial, in fact.

Often, subcontractors are not included in this dialogue, and you’ll be surprised at how frequently time frames aren’t included in contracts.

Open-ended time frames are problematic for cash flow.

Communicating with a client who doesn’t provide a time frame is the first step.

But in order to do this, you need to make sure that there are certain important parameters within a contract.

This is often easier said than done.

For many subcontractors, it’s easy to overlook this because of juggling all the balls in the air.

There’s a REALLY simple solution.

We’re here to provide you with our expertise in the small and large print of contracts, allowing you to sign less risky contracts.


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