One Contract To Rule Them All…

And in the darkness bind them. Sometimes we find ourselves in those impossible Catch-22 situations; or lose-lose situations. You know those situations when you just sit down with your head in your hands and hope it passes?
One Contract To Rule Them All…

Sometimes we get into things without knowing the risks, and sometimes we weigh up the risks and then go ahead.

We can’t blame anyone else if we know the risks and ignore them.

Good intentions aren’t good enough. Sometimes there’s no winning even if we have good intentions.

In this video, I talk about the time I got on my bicycle with the best intentions. And sure I’m not exactly Miguel Indurain, but there’s no way my cycle should have ended up with near heat exhaustion, a cross wife, a sweaty couch, and that feeling of defeat. I’m a better rider than that.

Sometimes losing just gets the better of us.

But sometimes we compound our own losses.

Losing comes for us all.

And sometimes we can’t avoid it.

Like in the case of “Head Contract Shenanigans”.

  • Step One: As the lowly sub-contractor you’re asked to sign a contract by the main contractor.
  • Step Two: You’re given the contract to look over by the main contractor.

Sounds good right?

Well not exactly.

Often the contract given at this point is null and void because it’s not the head contract.

The main contractor might even be upfront and say something to that effect. But the point is if there’s a clause that points to a head contract, and you miss it, then you’re at significant risk.

The head contract is the principle document that takes precedence over any other contract. It’s the contract that really matters.

WHATEVER is signed between the main contractor and the clients/principal is the basis for the legal document.

So while it may seem like you’re signing a contract, you may not be signing the head contract.

This leads to unforeseen non-compliance and may lead to huge risks.

If there’s a head contract… you need to have access to it.

We help demystify contracts and make sure that you’re contractually savvy. We also help you to reclaim the power to secure a solid contract.

Don’t sign up for something you have no idea about. Understanding risk is the only way you can recognise if it’s something you’re capable of doing.

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