The Taxman and the River Denial

Even without a paddle, the Taxman could make it up any river. With relative ease. Forget Batman, forget Superman, this dude has what it takes to overcome any obstacle and to arrive face-to-face to meet his arch-nemesis.
The Taxman and the River Denial

With his hand out. Armed with every weapon available.

And we’re defenceless…

Because… All too often, he catches us completely unaware.


What is it with humans and our inability to prepare for the things that are known?

  • The Taxman
  • Renewing important documents
  • A rainy day
  • Even basic monthly debits

It’s like we take personal offence to these “knowns” by masking them as “unknowns”…

“I had no idea about that!”


“Surely I’m exempt from that?!”

And there we are… once again, up the river of denial without so much as a clue about how we got there. Let alone with a paddle.

In this video, I talk about growth

We grow when we prepare. We grow when we use our time valuably, and when we assess our risks and do everything we can to mitigate them.

We grow when we know what’s coming.

Doing everything we can is about accepting that there are things that are coming for us even if we might not like having them around.

No one wants to pay tax, or even insurance.

No one wants to spend money on a funeral plan.

Managing risks requires facing them head on and not succumbing to denial.

We can’t deny risk. But there’s a flipside too. Risk and Reward are part of the same coin.

Our promise is that we will reduce your risk and offer you rewards. Yes it will cost you money BUT the first step is just about listening.

And there are 8 SOLID reasons why we’re the paddle you need to navigate Denial.

  1. Bespoke contract solutions
  2. Better contracts with 10x LESS RISK
  3. Unlimited access to experts
  4. Maintain contractual strength
  5. Save hours of your valuable time
  6. Protect project margins
  7. Have better cash flow
  8. Outsource contract paperwork to us

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