Another Kind of Game of Chess

You may have heard the story about rice and a chessboard? 
Another Kind of Game of Chess

A con-man approaches the king with a chessboard. 

Instead of payment he asks for rice. 

As is the way with these things, there’s a caveat. 

The man wants the king to place one grain of rice on the first square of the chessboard. Thereafter doubling it. 

  • So on the second square 2 grains.
  • Third square 4 grains
  • Fourth square 8 grains
  • Fifth square 16 grains

You get the picture. 

By the time the king reaches the 41st square he owes over a trillion grains of rice. 

Exponential doubling is why people are so obsessed with compound interest. 

So what’s our formula for growth? Well it’s not just a mantra or ideology. 

GROWTH = Reputation + Referred or Repeated Work / Financial Viability to Deliver.

I explain this here:

If you want to learn how to be more savvy and:

  • Deliver Contractually
  • Negotiate a Good Contract
  • Deliver on the Contract
  • Adhere to the Contract

Then leave your rice and chessboards where they are and check out how we can reduce your commercial risk and increase cash flow:

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