A Traffic Warden Walks into a Bar…

…And ends up losing a company millions. OK that’s not exactly how this story goes but bear with Quantum Contract Solution CEO, Cian Brennan’s story…
A Traffic Warden Walks into a Bar…

The construction industry relies on the efficacy of the snowball effect. 

Things run smoothly if all of the links are joined together. 

Everything breaks if one link breaks. 
And often it’s the simple links that cause the damage. 

So in this example a company needed a traffic warden. 

Not a particularly specialised, complex, or high paid role. 

But crucial to this story. 

To be compliant on site this particular construction company needed a traffic warden to bring and direct deliveries onsite. 

Without a warden?

No deliveries. 

As simple as that. 

Not so simple after all.

In the end they couldn’t secure a traffic warden, so they had to press pause on everything. 

It cost them a lot of money. 

We’re here to make sure this NEVER happens to you. 

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