Listen to this Red Tape I Made You

When was the last time you clicked “accept” on a website or form without reading any of the legalese?
Listen to this Red Tape I Made You

It’s all fine and dandy if we’re just running an update… 

Or is it?! 

Most of us will never know because we have no idea what we’re signing.   

But, it’s a different story when we’re dealing with people’s lives as opposed to mp3s. And actual cash flow instead of free upgrades. 

Quantum Contract Solutions CEO Cian Brennan worked in Iraq for a while, and the scariest part of this story isn’t what you might expect. 

‘Are you interested in growing a team of Quantity Surveyors?’ 

His response? “Unequivocally yes.” 

So armed with bulletproof industry knowledge, and a bulletproof vest for good measure, Cian arrived at Basra and piled into the armoured vehicle.

Regret is a dish best served in the desert. But, as far as work sites go it was the same as any other construction site. 

And being a carbon copy, the contract and commercial stuff was exactly the same too. 

The one and only contractor on site had signed an aggressive contract that was virtually impossible to comply with. 

You might guess how it ended for them? 

Cash flow problems. Their non-compliance led to non-payment. 

Contracts matter because they avoid hurdles in the payment process. No one likes red tape, but red tape can be jumped over with the right coach.  

Our FREE workshop: The Quantum Contract Advantage will: 

  • Reduce your risk x10 
  • Protect project margins
  • Nurture cash flow

A 30 minute presentation is a small price to pay for maintaining cash flow. 

Get the Contracts System That Construction Company CEO's, MD's & GM's Have Been Talking About

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